2017-2018 Legislative Voting Record

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Wisconsin State AFL-CIO 2017-2018 Legislative Voting Record. We’ve put together an easy to use scorecard to see how lawmakers in Wisconsin voted on key issues important to workers, our unions and our families.

Lawmakers were graded (R for Right, W for Wrong) on how they voted on a variety of bills including bills to weaken Wisconsin’s child labor law, bar local governments from using Project Labor Agreements, preempt local communities from enhancing employment standards, eliminate both prevailing wage and regular renewals of teacher licensing while failing to responsibly fund and fix our state’s infrastructure needs and more.

2017-2018 Assembly Voting Record

2017-2018 Senate Voting Record

2017-2018 Wisconsin State Legislature Summary of Bills

With the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Voting Record in hand, we encourage all union members and working people to have a conversation with their representatives and senators about the needs of working families and future of Wisconsin.

It’s clear from this year’s voting record that lawmakers are not doing enough to help working families get ahead in our economy. Along with passing anti-worker bills, the Wisconsin Legislature missed key opportunities to help working families by refusing to restore equal pay enforcement, expand BadgerCare, safeguard our water or implement Buy Wisconsin procurement standards to boost jobs and manufacturing.

Politicians pass legislation that affect us all. From policies that impact our wages and our rights in the workplace, to our kids’ education, our roads and drinking water.

The 2017-2018 Wisconsin AFL-CIO Legislative Voting Record is an easy to review history of votes that will serve as a clear record of where politicians stood on issues important to workers, our unions and our families.

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