Stella Jones: Union YES

Forming a union at Stella-Jones gives you and your coworkers the right to negotiate collectively with management for fair wages, living benefits, working conditions, and so much more. A union contract is a legally binding document that will end the at-will employment relationship and give you a STRONG voice on the job. 

Stella Jones management is trying to stop you from joining a union. Why do you think that is? Maybe they want to keep your wages low, be able to fire you without just cause, and keep your benefits as cheap as possible? Or do they want to just use your hard work and labor and not give you a pathway to retire and enjoy time with your family without having to pick up a second job in what was supposed to be your retirement? 

Stella Jones management says you have protections but an employee handbook is NOT legally binding protection. Any provision in the handbook is subject to change at will, at any moment, without notice, by your employer. Your protections in a union contract are LEGALLY binding and are guaranteed by law.

Why do we want you to join the union?

It is simple. We want you to have a better life for you and your family. IUOE has fought for over 100 years against the greedy bosses to make sure our members have a strong life at work and after work. Our motivation isn’t profits. It is you.

Joining a union is joining a brotherhood and a sisterhood for the rest of your life. We fight every single day to protect workers and Local 420 would be honored if you voted to join our strong union.

View the Stella Jones Tacoma Contract here. 

Voting is easy!

Protect your future. Join a union for a guaranteed better career and retirement. Vote YES!

  1. Please make sure when you receive the ballot to read all the directions from the NLRB.
  2. Mark your ballot YES if you would like to join our strong union.
  3. Place your marked ballot into the blue envelope provided by the NLRB and seal it. Then place the blue envelope into the yellow postage-paid return envelope provided by the NLRB.
  4. Seal the yellow envelope and sign it. Please sign your name like you would sign a check, do not print. Please make sure your signature overlaps the flap on the envelope but does not go outside the box. Please note if you don’t sign the outside of the yellow envelope your ballot may not count. 

If you do not receive your ballot by February 9, 2021, by 4:30 pm please call the NLRB at 414-297-3861

Your ballot must be received, not postmarked, by the NLRB no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, February 19, 2021.

We are recommending that you mail your ballot by February 12, 2021, to make sure it shows up on time due to delays in USPS and the federal holiday on February 15, 2021. While this is not a requirement we are recommending it to our future union brothers and sisters.

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