Refrigeration Class

This class is designed for people who deal with air conditioners, chillers, cooling water, cooling towers, and chilled water systems. Certification from the National Association of Power Engineers will be granted per successful completion of the class. A universal Federal license test will also be offered at the end of the class.

Components of the refrigeration system that will be studied are, compressors, condensers, metering valves, evaporators, filters, accumulators, and refrigerants. This is a basic class where students receive theory on how the mechanical refrigeration works. Air and water cooled systems are studied along with ammonia and safety practices for each system.

This class is a 4 hour class held one evening per week for 8 weeks. Cost: $450.00 which includes books.

Please refer to the registration form for information regarding the next class session.

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    September 19, 2022 - November 21, 2022 for Power Plant Class