Local 420 is proud to support the community we live in and serve

In December 2017, one of our members made a motion to support a school supply drive at Vieau school in Milwaukee, an MPS school with a 94% poverty rate and a 24% special education rate. Despite these statistics, the school is exceeding expectations on the state report card and has maintained a 95% attendance rate for the past 5 years.

The executive board unanimously voted to donate one hundred dollars in supplies to the school. Additionally, several executive board members donated personal money for the drive. Items on Vieau’s wishlist, including paper, pencils, pens, crayons, erasers, Kleenex, and Band-Aids were purchased and delivered by members Tony Pipia and Raul Hernandez to the school. During the supply drop-off they were greeted by administration and students that were all very thankful and appreciative. In speaking with Vieau’s social worker, it was revealed that the items arrived at a critical time, as the school absorbed several displaced students from Puerto Rico – victims of hurricane Maria.

Several weeks after the supply drop off, Local 420 received an unexpected package in the mail from the school filled with over 40 handmade thank you cards.

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