IRAP. It Affects You!

You will see a few spots in this newsletter referring to Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs). Your first basic question is likely “How does this affect me?”

Wisconsin union members should know that “An injury to one is an injury to all.” The IRAP program will decimate a proven, safe, reliable form of training for our brothers and sisters in the construction trades, specifically IUOE Local 139 here in Wisconsin.

The labor movement’s long history of quality and affordable apprenticeship programs helped build the IUOE International Training and Education Center (ITEC) in Crosby, TX and IUOE Local 139’s training facility in Coloma, WI. Many of you have taken advantage of the training opportunities afforded us at ITEC, as well as Coloma.

If the Department of Labor has their way, they will lower the industry standards that are in place. The current apprenticeship standards have led to a higher quality of life for us by investing in us…NOT the greed of Corporate America. For us to continue having opportunities at the IUOE training centers, we need our apprenticeship program standards to be the best in our great nation.

Take two minutes out of your day to contact the DOL and tell them IRAP is WRONG.

HOW TO HELP: Submit a comment to the DOL. The deadline is August 26, 2019 to
make our voices heard before the Department of Labor issues the final regulations.

All union members, friends, and family
Construction workers

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