International Training and Conference Center Open for Business in Texas

We have all heard news reports and concerns about the shortage of skilled labor in Wisconsin and the U.S. The International Union of Operating Engineers is keenly aware of the need for training new skilled workers in our crafts and chose to make a major investment to help our signatory employers solve the problem. The state of the art International Training and Conference Center (ITCC) in Crosby, Texas near Houston opened for business this spring. The facility exists for you, a member of the Operating Engineers, to use for your training needs.

The training site has a variety of classrooms, labs, and features a variety of new equipment and simulators for hands-on training. On-site amenities include a cafeteria, workout facility, recreation area, swimming pool, and over 200 hotel rooms for instructors and students.

All members in good standing are eligible to sign up for classes. Instruction, training materials, airfare, airport transportation, meals, and private lodging on site are all provided by the IUOE. Only incidentals like mileage and baggage fees are the student’s responsibility.

A wide variety of stationary engineer, plant maintenance, HAZMAT and equipment operator classes are available. You can review the current class offerings on the IUOE website. If you would like to attend a class, contact Mike Weber or Roger Rodriguez at the Local 420 office by calling 414-570-0420.

If you are approved for the class, arrangements will be made for you to attend. Some members have been attending on their off time or by taking a vacation, while others have been released with lost time covered by the employer. If you want release time to attend a class, work with a Local 420 business agent, unit chair or chief steward to request release time from your employer and make any other arrangements.



To view the training classes offered at the International Training and Conference Center (ITCC) in Crosby, Texas, follow these instructions:

  • Click on International Training and Conference Center here.

  • From the Training Schedules select from one of the Stationary, HAZMAT or Construction schedules.

  • If you want to sign up for a class, scroll down to the Attendee Registration Form.

  • Fill out the form online, print the form and sign the form.

  • Submit the completed, signed form to the Local 420 union office for approval.

  • If you are approved, you will be notified and given additional instructions.

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