Local 420 News

Local 420’s Mission

Local 420 is a democratic organization dedicated to excellence in representing the membership, promoting high standards of work, productivity and advancing the labor movement.
Stronger Unions

With a strong union workforce we have a stronger middle-class. When greed CEOs try to destroy our union strength we have a weaker middle-class. Local 420 will continue to fight for a stronger labor movement and will organize to fight for the growth of our country.  

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Job Training

Local 420 is dedicated to training new and current members in all areas of our field. One of our goals is to give the keys of success to our members so they can advance in their field. Use union workers and you know you are getting a trained workforce.

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Workplace Safety

There is nothing we do as a union that is more important than safety. The most important aspect of your job is that you go home every day the same way you came to work. Unions have always fought for a safer workplace and Local 420 isn’t stopping now!

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“Local 420 effectively fights for our members and the next generation of workers. Our union is dedicated to protecting the rights of all working people, strengthening the labor movement and leading the effort to rebuild a strong middle-class.”

- Business Manager Alex Tetzlaff